Fresh Start Juice.

Fresh Start Juice (Credit: Fresh Start.)

With 2014 in full swing, many of our New Year’s Resolutions will have involved eating healthily and hopefully dropping a few pounds along the way. A delicious and convenient way to detox your system and get your five a day is through a juice cleanse.

I personally love enjoying the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables from juices and smoothies. However, although I have tried creating my own juices, the time, inconvenience and preparation needed for daily juicing often puts me off making them. Luckily, there’s an exciting new Cardiff based juicing company here to help…

 Fresh Start, established by Eve at the beginning of 2014, are an online company taking the hard work out of juicing by delivering juice cleanses straight to your door

Although Fresh Start are currently only delivering to Cardiff and the surrounding areas, they’re hoping to make their fresh juices available for delivery to the rest of the UK very soon! Their juices are 100% natural, made from local produce and contain no added sugars or water, so are perfect for detoxing if you over-indulged over Christmas.

Fresh Start Juices

(Credit: Fresh Start)

Juicing is not only a convenient way to get more fruit and vegetables into your system, but has a whole host of reported benefits, including weight loss! Juicing is also said to be an easier way of absorbing nutrients than consuming fruit and vegetables in their whole form. Juices contain the calcium and iron found in fruit and vegetables, among other vitamins and minerals.

Fresh Start Beauty Cleanse

Get The Glow 3 Day Beauty Cleanse   (Credit: Fresh Start)

For beauty lovers like myself, the ‘Get The Glow 3 Day Beauty Cleanse‘ is a great option and my favourite at £79.00. This juice blend is tailored to improve complexion or give a natural boost to a bride to be. 

Fresh Start currently offer a range of  five juice cleanse programmes and you can even customise your cleanse to build a bespoke juicing package if you have specific requirements. 

Their prices range from a one day juice cleanse for £29.00 to £109.00 for a 5 day juice cleanse supply. Free daily deliveries are available to all Cardiff postcodes. Cleanses can be booked from up to a month to 3 days in advance from when you wish to begin your juice cleanse. Fresh Start hope to be involved with events featuring juice demonstrations and tasters soon to spread the word of their juice cleanses through the local community and beyond.

You can order their juice cleanses through their website at .You can also Tweet them @FreshStartJuice or visit the Fresh Start Facebook page.

So if you live in or near Cardiff why not give them a try? If you’re based elsewhere in the UK, keep a look out for when Fresh Start juices are available to be delivered direct to you soon.

Have you tried a juice cleanse before?

Are any of you Cardiff based lovelies thinking of giving Fresh Start juice cleanses a go? 

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